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Corners Pet & Grooming has been serving the community for nearly 40 years and is a family owned and operated business.


At Corners Pet your pet's well being is our primary concern. Our well trained and experienced staff can help with most any question or concern you may have about your pet. Our goal is to find happy loving homes for our pets and to offer the best care for the ones you already have at home.


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Adorable Puppies

We have big dogs, little dogs - all kinds of breeds. 
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Parrot Adventure


Come on in every Saturday from 12pm - 3pm to see, play with and snuggle sweet birdie babies!

Becky with Parrot Adventure brings a variety of birds! Lovebirds, cockatiels, greencheek conures, sun conures and even a yellow headed amazon named "Scout"!!

Come ask Becky any bird related questions or concerns you may have about your own birds.

She has many many years of knowledge and experience!

You can also bring your own birds in for wing & nail trimming for only $5.00!

In Wisconsin snow is inevitable...

 winter and SNOW is here, be sure to
stock up on Paw Safe ice melter!!

New Bright Betta Center!!!!
We Have All Of Your Betta Needs!!
Stop By & Check It Out!

We have Puppies!


We have lots of breeds - big and small.

Come on in and see them all.


We have Kittens!


Here kitty, kitty...

Come in to meet a new feline friend.

We have Birds!


We carry a great assortment of