Creatures great & Small

At Corners Pet we have a wide variety of small animals. All of our small animals are friendly, well socialized and make great pets.



Rabbits - Our rabbits love attention and have great personalities. 


Guinea Pigs - We have a wide variety of guinea pigs. Abyssinian, short hair, silky, teddybear, and texel are among the breeds we carry.


Hamsters – We carry a wide variety of hamsters. Teddy bear, black bear, fancy, golden and panda bear are among the breeds we carry. Most of our hamsters are bred and raised either in store or by store employees to ensure that you will be getting a happy and healthy hamster.


Chinchillas-  We have Chinchillas. They're friendly and social animals.


Click on the picture below and see if there is a friend (or two) you'd like to take home.