Here is a list of basic hamster supplies to make shopping fun and easy.

  • Cage – Make sure you choose a cage that will accommodate your pet when it is full grown.
  • Food – Make sure to get hamster specific food.
  • Dishes – It is nice to have two dishes. One for food and one for treats or fresh fruit and veggies.  
  • Water Bottle – Hamsters drink from a bottle to ensure that their water is clean and their cage stays dry.
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Litter Box – A hamster potty is nice because hamsters naturally use one corner of their cage to urinate. A hamster potty makes cleaning faster and easier.
  • Bed/Stuffing – A place to relax and create a nest.
  • Hide-away – Hamsters like to have a place to rest and hide.
  • Bedding – This is important for a clean cage and a happy hamster. Be sure to avoid cedar chips, hamsters are allergic.
  • Wheel – Great for exercise.
  • Ball – Makes plays time out of the cage safe and fun.
  • Wood Chews - Chews are important for hamsters to help wear down their teeth.
  • Treats – Treats are a great way to reward a hamster when it is out of its cage to play.
  • Treat Sticks – A treat that you can leave in your hamster’s cage.

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