Finding The Right Puppy Friend For Your Family

Choosing the right puppy for your family is a big decision and with so many different dog breeds it can often feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help make the process of selecting a new puppy less scary and more enjoyable.


Size: The first thing that one should take into account when selecting a puppy is size. Think about your family and what size dog would be most compatible. For example, if you have young children a petite more fragile breed might not be the best choice, whereas a medium sized more robust dog might make a better fit. If you rent, are their size restrictions? For a large dog, would you have the space and time to meet their exercise needs? If you already have a dog at home, are their sizes compatible?


Coat type: When selecting a puppy be sure to take into account the specific grooming needs each breed requires. Do you want a non-shedding dog? Does anyone in your family have allergies? Are you prepared to do the daily brushing and monthly grooming that some breeds require? Would you prefer a dog that requires minimal grooming?


Energy level: Be sure to think about the energy level that a breed has. Despite their size, many small breeds are considered high energy and require just as much exercise or mental stimulation as some large breeds. Are you prepared to meet a high energy dog’s exercise needs? Does a certain breed have enough energy to keep up with your family? If you have a dog at home, are their energy levels compatible?


Personality: This is a more subjective category. Certain breeds are known for different personality traits. However, every dog’s personality is different. There are dominant and submissive dogs in every breed. It is really a matter of interacting with a puppy to see if their personality is well-suited for your household. If you have a very dominant dog a home, it would probably be best to bring a more submissive puppy into your home. If you have a very energetic family a more outgoing dog may be a good match. If you have shy children a more laid back puppy might be a better choice.


These are just a few questions one should ask before selecting a dog. There are exceptions to every rule and just because a dog fits into a certain category doesn’t mean they won’t make a happy addition to your household. You know your family best and are the most equipped to choose the right puppy for your family. We encourage that you come in to talk with our staff and interact with our puppies to find the best possible puppy for your household.


For more help in finding the right puppy for your family please visit our Choosing a Breed page.