Getting Ready for Your New Puppy

To help make shopping for a new puppy fun and easy here is a list of basic puppy supplies.

Food and Treats for Your Puppy

  • Dry food – Make sure to get the same food your puppy is currently feeding to avoid digestive upset.
  • Wet food – This is important to entice appetite when a puppy goes to a new home.
  • Training treats – You want both crunchy and chewy treats to offer a variety at a young age this will prevent a fussy eater later.
  • Chews & Bones – Bully sticks, Hoofs and Natural Bones are all safe puppy chews. Avoid rawhide which can expand in the gut and cause a blockage.

Getting Your Home Ready for Your New Puppy

  • Dishes – You will need two, one for food and one for water. Avoid plastic because it holds bacteria.
  • Crate – This will make training go much faster and ensure that your puppy is safe when he can’t be watched.
  • Crate Pad – So that they are comfortable in their crate.
  • Carpet Cleaner – Make sure that it is a pet specific enzymatic cleaner.
  • Bell Door Trainer – This is so your dog can ring a bell when they have to go outside.
  • Litter Box, Litter/Pads – If you are planning on litter box training.
  • Tie Out – If you don’t have a fenced in yard this is a nice way to allow your puppy time outside to play. 
  • Pooper Scooper – To make yard clean-up faster and easier.
  • Dog Bed – A place to relax and enjoy a chew.

The Right Toys for Your New Puppy

  • Soft – Choose a variety of sizes. It is also nice to have a large stuffed toy to snuggle with in a crate. If your puppy rips up stuffed toys they do make toys that are soft with no stuffing.
  • Nylon – Nylon toys are durable and come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Latex – These toys are soft and often have fun squeakers.
  • Rope – These toys are great for teething and hold up well.
  • Kong/Rubber – These toys are durable and often can be filled with treats to keep puppies entertained.
  • Tennis – These toys have great bounce and make good “fetch” toys.

The more variety of toys you give your puppy the less likely they are to become bored and destructive.

Grooming Your Puppy

  • Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner – Human shampoo is harmful to a dog’s skin. Make sure the shampoo you choose is tearless.
  • Comb – You will want a metal comb with both fine and coarse tines if you have a longer haired puppy. This will allow you to work out any mats.
  • Brush – This will vary depending on the type of dog. A Slicker brush for longer haired dogs and a Curry brush for smoother coated dogs.
  • Ear Cleaner – This will ensure that your dogs ears stay clean and healthy.
  • Nail Clipper – To keep your pet's nails trimmed
  • Styptic Powder – This will stop any bleeding if a nail is accidentally clipped too short.
  • Toothbrush Kit – It is important to begin good oral health at an early age.

Good grooming habits start at an early age. It is important to brush hair, clip nails and brush
teeth often when a puppy is young so that they become used to it. 

General Puppy Items

  • Leash & Collar – Important for training.
  • Poop Bags for Leash – To make clean up fast & easy.
  • Bitter Apple – This will help stop your puppy from chewing on anything they are not supposed to.
  • Flea & Tick Preventative – Flea collars are not effective. Make sure you are using a topical flea and tick preventative year round.
  • Training Book – It is nice to have a complete guide to owning and training a puppy. It can also help ensure that you and your puppy get off to a great start.

Corners Pet & Grooming has all of your puppy needs in one convenient place with a helpful and qualified staff that can answer all of your puppy questions.