Meet the Staff of our Pet Store


I became the owner of Corners Pet in March of 2000. I have always worked with animals and owning a pet store has been a life long dream of mine. Before Corners Pet, I worked at a pet store, humane society, vet clinic and I was a Waukesha County Humane Officer. My devotion to animals has been a life long passion.


I have had numerous pets over the years. Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters and a quaker parrot to name a few. What I like most about working with animals is the unconditional love they give. There is nothing better then coming home to an excited greeting from a pet. My many years of experience has given me a wide variety of animal knowledge. However, I feel that dog training is my area of expertise.  My two daughters and I love to go camping with family and friends. I am also an avid volleyball player.







  I started at Corners Pet in May of 2003. I have been grooming for about 13 years. I have always been a pet enthusiast. I enjoy helping people to be the best pet parent they can.  I enjoy snuggling and grooming our store puppies to make them adorable for their new home. I enjoy drawing and doing fun kid activities with my daughter, Katelyn.  As a family, we enjoy camping with our two dogs Pinkerton and Luna.








Jennifer aka Jen



I started at Corners Pet in January of 2005. I have been a pet groomer for 15 years and before that had worked in a pet store for 2 years. I enjoy grooming because it is rewarding to take a shaggy dog and turn it into something beautiful.

I currently own two Rottweilers named Diesel and Sax, our newest addition, a mixed breed that found us, Karma, and a cat, Loco. In the past I have owned snakes, skinks, rabbits, fish, frogs, guinea pigs and parakeets. I also enjoy spending time with family, bowling, movies and traveling.










I am the proud daughter of the owner, Heidi aka Mom. I started coming to the pet store shortly after I was born, I've been perched on the dryer, fluffed on a dog bed and left for puppies to snuggle. Animals are so special to me because they are comforting, adorable, easy to talk to and snuggle. I would be lost without pets in my life. I used to run wild like the animals in the store, but now I have become a young adult and am enthused to help customers and answer questions. Someday I will follow in my mom's footsteps.... wait, I think I already am! 









I am also a proud daughter of the owner, Heidi.  I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade. I love snuggling our 3 cats, Baltimore, Bea, and Princess. I love spending time with family and friends. My goal when I grow up is to be a excellent veterinarian.






   I started at Corners Pet in September of 2015. I am currently going to school for veterinary medicine.

   I hope someday to be able to help sick fur babies and help keep them healthy!

   I have two dogs of my own, a mastiff named "Crush" and a minature schanuzer name "Dozer". I resently adopted one of our store puppies that stole my heart, a mastiff-bulldog that I named "Tinker Bell"!

   In my spare time I enjoy sports and just being outdoors!








I started with Corners Pet in September 2014. I really love dogs in particular, so being around the puppies is the best part for me. Another bonus of working at the store is learning all about the different animals available at the store.


When I'm not at work or going to school at UWM, I enjoy spending time with my friends. I enjoy reading, watching movies, and just plain old relaxing. I currently have a dog, a cat and a fish tank.








I started as a part time employee in September 2014 and now you'll see me most days cleaning, feeding and loving all the animals. I enjoy seeing all the silly things the puppies do and learn, although, some behaviors make more work for me. My hobbies are photography, spending time with family and friends, and snuggling my dog, Lady. I also enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, going on walks and just getting in the car and driving. My home is filled with 1 cat, 3 dogs, 1 bird, 1 rabbit and a hamster, Yes, I love variety!