Bringing Home A New Kitten

To help make shopping for a new kitten fun and easy here is a list of basic kitten supplies.

Food and Treats for Your Kitten

  • Dry food – Make sure to get the same food your kitten is currently eating to avoid digestive upset.
  • Wet food – This is important because kittens often stop eating when in a new home.
  • Training treats – You want both crunchy and chewy treats because variety at a young age will help prevent fussiness in the future.

Getting Your Home Ready for Your New Kitten

  • Dishes – You will need two, one for food and one for water. Avoid plastic because it holds bacteria. You may also want to consider a water fountain for your cat. Cats prefer moving water and a fountain will promote drinking.
  • Carrier – This will make transporting your kitten safer and easier.
  • Carrier Pad – So that they are comfortable in there carrier.
  • Carpet Cleaner – Make sure that it is a pet specific enzymatic cleaner.
  • Litter Box - Make sure you have a litter box that is large enough. Also if you have a cat already you will want a separate litter box for the new kitten to avoid territory issues.
  • Litter Scoop
  • Litter
  • Cat Bed – A place to relax
  • Scratching Post – Cats have a natural desire to scratch;  a scratching post provides a safe place to do so. Even if your cat's declawed it will still want to scratch.

Lot of Toys for Kitty

  • Furry Toys
  • Glittery Toys
  • Feather Toys
  • Noise Making Toys
  • Laser Toys

The more variety of toys you give your kitten the less likely they are to become bored.

Grooming Your Kitty

  • Cat Shampoo & Conditioner – Human shampoo is harmful to a cat’s skin. Make sure the shampoo you choose is tearless.
  • Comb – You will want a metal comb with both fine and coarse tines if you have a longer haired kitten. This will allow you to work out any mats.
  • Brush – This will vary depending on the type of cat. A Slicker brush for longer haired cats and a Curry brush for smoother coated cats.
  • Ear Cleaner – This will ensure that your cat’s ears stay clean and healthy.
  • Nail Clipper – To keep your pet’s nails trimmed
  • Styptic Powder – This will stop any bleeding if a nail is accidentally clipped too short.
  • Toothbrush Kit – It is important to begin good oral health at an early age.

Good grooming habits start at an early age. It is important to brush hair, clip nails and brush teeth often when a kitten is young so that they become used to it.

General Kitty Items

  • Collar – A collar with a bell is nice when you have a new kitten so that you can hear where it is in the house. Make sure that the collar is a safety collar.
  • Flea & Tick Preventative – Flea collars are not effective. Make sure you are using a topical flea and tick preventative year round.
  • Cat Grass – Cats love greens and they also help with digestion.
  • Cat Nip – This can help make cats active and playful.
  • Hairball Remedy – Even if your cat does not have a hairball, these remedies have preventative dosages so that hairballs do not become a problem.

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